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A SAFE HALLOWEEN: Safety tips for families


Halloween is one of the greatest days in the fall season, for young, old, and everything in-between. It can be a very safe experience for all, if we remember to follow these safety tips for parents, children, and anyone giving out candy.

For The Parents: 

Masks can make it hard for tricker-treaters to see what’s going on around them, including cars. If you find a hypoallergenic non-toxic make-up kit, you can use your creativity, and have your trickster help out instead.

Buy/make costumes in light-colored material, or use some reflective tape on front and back. Make sure drivers can see your child.

Fit costumes properly so kids don't trip, and avoid oversized footwear, including heels. Lengthy costumes which drag on the ground, are a huge NO-NO.

Check your local forecast for cold/rainy weather, and dress in layers.

Adults should accompany their trick or treaters if they are 10 or younger.

Some 10 year olds are ready for this evening’s experience, but only in large groups of 6 or more, and even then, should be chaperoned from a distance.

Certain candies and gum could be a choking hazard, so be aware.

My child is going out unsupervised!

Groups of 3 or more – all should have cell phones, and flashlights

Have a talk about their candy routes, so you know where they’re going. If they want to deviate, make sure they know to call you FIRST.

Avoid visiting homes which are not well lit.

Does your child have an allergy? If they need to carry an EpiPen, tell your child to inform their friends, and the homeowners dolling out the treats.

Where to go & What time is curfew?

Cross the streets at the intersections, avoid walking in the middle of the streets, and walk facing the direction of traffic whenever possible.

Wear a watch.

Make your kids PROMISE not to eat ANYTHING before you go through their new-found candy treasure.

For all Candy giving folk

Please leave lights on outside for our children to see

Take away anything they might trip on, including your wet leaves.

Use a battery operated light, instead of a candle to keep everyone safe.

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