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<< Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. >>
-Nelson Mandela
Students who lack life learning skills are more likely to suffer from higher anxiety and depression.

Low resilience is shown to increase chances of depression and anxiety.
Discover your student’s Resilience score

High Social esteem is associated with lower anxiety and depression.
Get your Social Esteem score
High confidence can lower levels of stress and anxiety.
How Confident is your Student?
interpersonal skills
Strong Interpersonal skills are believed to periodically reduce chances of depression.
How strong are your Interpersonal skills?
Research indicates that low levels of confidence, resilience, and social skills are associated with higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression.
How can we impact these levels for our students?
The ConnectU Student Assessment is an online software, engineered to define character and optimize growth potential in 4 key areas for students between 12 and 18 years old:
Social esteem
Interpersonal skills

Evaluate each of your students character strengths and track progress or areas for development – at a glance:
assessment one
Used as a Key Performance Indicator, or for enrollment initiatives, and a way to demonstrate how your organization differs from others.
This site is user-friendly and all student profiles are customizable.

Easily view and track student progress - defined by character, semester, GPA, class, grade, or teacher.
Results can be monitored throughout the school year:

assessment two

Developed by a PhD. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, this tool brings tremendous added value and insights to schools, clubs and after-school programs. Administrators, principals, educators, mentors, and coaches gain knowledge about their students’ pillars of growth and access historical student data efficiently.
Get an individual personality blueprint for each student, allowing you to learn about them, and connect at a deeper level.
Provide teachers, educators, coaches and mentors with valuable insights about each of their students, enabling new learning opportunities.
Directly impact student’s life-learning skills, giving them every opportunity to become tomorrow’s leaders.
Increase GPA’s exponentially with learning curves. Get clarity on how the 4 key areas of growth change and impact students’ GPAs.
Encourage new enrollment with actual statistics sourced in real-time, directly from your institution.

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