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Camp Safety
camp safety

camp safety

For Campers in North America

Physical Safety

Physical and emotional safety is our top priority at ConnectU, and that is why we have boots on the ground in the case of an emergency at any camp/program we recommend in North America.

The Owner or Director will fly to an airport which is close to the hospital, in the event of a life threatening medical situation that requires emergency surgery. We take great pride in being the only agency that provides this service.

Emotional Safety

Your child’s emotional safety is always preserved with highly-sought after Bully Coach, Dr. Joel Haber. We are thrilled to join forces with his RespectU practice to ensure that all children are treated fairly and know how to respond in difficult situations.

The camps we work with are all accredited with the American Camp Association (ACA), which is the governing body for summer camps in North America. The ACA’s core mandate is to ensure the safety, health, and wellness of children attending camp.

ConnectU knows it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

Some ACA standards include:

  • Onsite doctors/nurses
  • Medication dispensing
  • Follow all Department of Health standards and requirements for food safety preparation, nutrition and allergy awareness
  • Clean and sanitary living environments
  • Professional instruction: water sports, athletic, arts
  • Experienced staff and educators
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