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Camp FAQs

camp faqs

camp FAQs

Tell me about safety & food

+My child has food allergies or dietary limitations. Can special meals be prepared?
Most camps and programs can accommodate many types of food allergies and special dietary needs. Always speak with the director for details.
+How can I reach my child in case of an emergency at home?
Each camp/program provides mobile numbers and email addresses to easily communicate with their directors 24/7.
+If my child takes medication, who is responsible for dispensing it?
Dispensing medication is a serious responsibility, which the camps take very seriously. Typically, either a Nurse, or a trained first aid responder, will be dedicated to your child for the medication needs, and support.
+What happens if my child needs to be hospitalized or requires medical attention?
Each camp/program has their own safety procedures in place, to ensure every child has access to medical attention if required. If a child is injured or hospitalized, the Camp/Program will communicate with the parents as soon as possible. If a child requires life threatening emergency surgery, the owner or director of ConnectU International, will make arrangements to get to the hospital, so we may provide support to you and your child as needed.

Camp appropriate

+How do I know when my child is ready for camp?
There’s no one simple answer or formula. The right age depends on the child and on the particular program being considered. First, is your child comfortable having sleepovers? Can your child sleep at a friend’s or relative’s house without calling you before bed to come pick them up? We often ask parents to set up sleepovers to learn how their child reacts sleeping away from home. Ask us for more ideas about how to make this happen safely for your child.
+What is the recommended duration for a first-time camper?
As campers, directors, and camp owners, we know the value of camping, which is why we recommend 2 weeks as a minimum. However, 3-4 weeks will give your child more time to gain confidence, self-esteem, and establish the bonds between friends, which will last a lifetime.
+What programs can best suit my child?
That’s the 100 million dollar question! To help answer you, we take the time to ask the right questions about your child’s passions, needs, and your goals / expectations for their experience away from home. The CU Discovery Process™ is the key factor to help provide the answers you need.
+My child has limited social skills, how will this impact their experience?
Camps offer unique ways for kids to naturally develop life learning skills, in a fun filled environment, that takes children out of their comfort zone. Camp Staff are hired and trained to help campers socialize in ways only found in the camping world. Parents with very shy children may wish to enroll them in social skills camp. These camps specialize in teaching young children and teens the life skills necessary to better communicate with others in social situations.
+My child has special needs. Can they attend camp too?
A variety of special needs camps are available, including those that cater to campers with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, Asperger syndrome, physical disabilities, incontinence issues, and serious illnesses, such as cancer.
+Should siblings / friends attend the same camp?
To attend camp with a friend/sibling, is such an individualized decision. If you do, we believe it’s important to ensure the kids have their own identity and they don’t end up just sticking together. There are some kids who won’t go without a friend and, in those situations, we recommend the camps place them in different cabins – or at least at different ends of the same cabin – and make sure they are not activity buddies.


+How often can I speak with my child?
Each camp has a different policy about phone calls home, however most will allow weekly calls for international campers attending North American programs.
+Can I see pictures of my child at camp?
Many camps will upload daily pictures or weekly videos of their campers, making it easier to see how much fun your child is having at camp.
+Can he/she use their cell phone, Ipad or other technology during the camp/program?
Every camp has its own policies for the use of cell phones and other hand held devices. Please ask the camp/program director about theirs.
+What if my child does not speak the language?
The camps and programs we represent have years of experience helping children thrive in an English-speaking environment. Being immersed in any language every day, is the best way to learn, and if you would like your child to develop their English language skills even quicker, most camps and programs offer ESL courses.
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