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We specialize in matching children with the highest-quality camp, short-term education and travel experiences based on their interests, needs & personalities.


A camp for each personality

Our sleepaway camps offer a unique summer experience that not only brings children together, but also encourages independence and boosts their self-esteem at the same time. Your child will love being a part of the exhilarating group experiences that are filled with fun activities and learning every step of the way.


There are many activities that children and teens attending camp from ConnectU can take part in based on their different personalities. These personalities include:

sports fanatic

Sports fanatics

cautious types

The cautious & timid type

observant analysts

The observant analysts

musically inclined

The musically inclined

future CEOs

Up & coming CEOs


Dreamers & realists

triggered by photography

Triggered by photography

lovers of the limelight

Lovers of the limelight

creative artists

Creative artists

adventure seekers

Adventure Seekers

locals and foreigners

Locals & Foreigners

learn english

Foreigners who want to speak English


Journalists & creative writers


Culinary & top chefs
If you don't know whoyou are,
come to camp and find out!


I was so nervous about sending my kids away from home. I must have called and emailed you a hundred times with questions. Your patience, understanding and ability to put my mind at ease was extraordinary. You reassured me that my children would be safe, cared for, and most of all, have an incredible summer. You delivered on all of your promises and then some. Where else could they receive all of this? So much of their confidence and desire to try new things is because of their continued participation in summer programs away from home. I will always be grateful for everything you did, Dov.
Talie Leder. Boca Raton, Florida

custom tours

Custom Tours

Get Your Adventure On!
Embark on tour packages across the globe, custom designed for teens, adults and organizations.
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next stop college

Next Stop: College

Applying to colleges?
Let us help you choose the college that's right for you and ensure you have all the tools to ace your interview!
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CU discovery process

Cyou Discovery Process™

Accelerate your child's life-learning skills
This unique behavioural assessment tool helps you do just that - for free!
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did you know...?

of campers
made new friends
said the people at camp helped them
feel good about themselves
of parents noticed their child
gained self-confidence
Source: ACA and Lilly Endowment Inc. Over 5000 families participated & data was collected from 92 randomly selected camps across the country. This was the largest research study of camper outcomes ever conducted in the United States.
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