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meet our president

20 years of Teams & Strategies, Reinvented

Over the years in business, Vanesa Curutchet learned that strong teams stay motivated, tight operations produce consistent quality, and clear strategies help businesses thrive.

“When Dov told me about his passion for helping children become successful adults, I knew I had found my match.”

Vanesa’s business expertise and commitment to a holistic lifestyle became the foundation for her co-direction of ConnectU, as President. Her passion for children serves as a catalyst that empowers them to become future leaders who continue giving back.

Involved in the day-to-day operations, Vanesa manages client interactions, representing the French and Spanish community. She works closely with the camps and children, specifically the Special Needs groups. She oversees the human relationship side of the business, from Public Relations, to HR.

With a passion for helping the underprivileged, she is also Treasurer of the CHAMP Foundation, ensuring that charity fundraising events are successful and children’s experiences are enhanced.

As Dov’s life partner and business partner, Vanesa is a perfect piece to this puzzle.

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